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Phone holster produced by Inglewood Design is based on concepts of gun holster 'low-profile', 'quick drawing and stowing', and 'no-dangle'.

This holster suit anyone who may feel uncomfortable to carry bulky phone in tight pocket that could lose or broke the phone by slipping it off from the pocket, or to use square-shape pouch for daily carry due to bulky design.

The holster by Inglewood Design has 3 features.

This holster allows you low-profile concealed carry even if you wear shirts over the holster due to slim design without bulky cantles.

Please try and experience the holster design by Inglewood Design which is only one in the world.






Black (Black Stitch) Right Black (Black Stitch) Left Black (Red Stitch) Right Black (Red Stitch) Left
 Black(Black stitch) Right Out of Stock  Black(Black stitch) Left Out of Stock Black(Red stitch) Right  Black(Red stitch) Left 
 Standard color for any outfit Standard color for any outfit  Sophisticated color combination  Sophisticated color combination 
Chocolate Right Chocolate Left Brown Right Brown Left
Chocolate Right Out of Stock  Chocolate Left Out of Stock  Brown Right   Brown Left 
 Chic color suited brown belt  Chic color suited brown belt Western style light color  Western style light color 

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Mail: info@inglewood.jp

Shu Bldg 2F
Ebisu 2-28-10
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-4455-4143 (In Japanese Only,10-17 on weekdays)

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